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Klonopin and insomnia, my story

Klonopin and insomnia, my story

My experience on dealing with insomnia, all the treatments that I tried, from Valerina root, passing thought melatonin to Klonopin. My journal to helps others on the same boat.

Fixing insomnia with Klonopin, my solution for stay asleep.

sleep vs insomnia
sleep vs insomnia

I have been taking Klonopin intermittently. A physician practitioner in sleeplessness and restless leg prescribed to me it. Additionally, I used it for a special occasion including traveling out of town for more sleep needed. Eventually I was sent for a sleep study and found while sleeping on my back that I 've severe sleep apnea, and light on my side. I snore loud off and on but would not have any thought other than my partner telling me. I've fragmented some of it, sleep with vivid dreams. Then wean off Klonopin and I expect to begin oxygen treatment shortly.

I am able to say since I use long acting that Clonazepam, also understand it is f the more efficient treatment for sleeplessness. I can not say it is doing a 9pm to 6am. Nevertheless, it is helping me in getting slumber. I may have to take it correctly. I do not enjoy downers. I am not telling that is side effect free, but It is almost 99,9% free. I mean, If I do not feel 100% ready I simple take a long cup of coffee next morning and I am great, with all the energy of having a full sleep night, at least 7 hours of good sleep, without waking up 3, 4 or five times per night, that could be devastating if you know what insomnia is, you know the nightmare it could be, staying in bed without be available to relax, to sleep, to get a proper repair sleep night, it simple sucks. Being all there , you know is all wasting time, is like a loop, can you get more anxiety, knowing that you will have to get out of bed in a couple of hours and that you will feel tired as if you was sick.

So, Clonazepam for me was the right solution, I first tried Ambien, was not good. Not get me wrong, was a miracle to go to sleep fast, but my mean problem is to stay sleeping, to stay asleep. And with Zolpidem, I can easily and stay sleep but, only for 2 or 3 hours, in a great day 4 hours, and my eye are incredible big open and have zero needs to sleep, but, of course, after 4 or 5 hours of still awake I fill extremely tired and just want to sleep in the middle of the day, If you are a freelancer and you can get that sleep schedule, will be great, but in my case, falling sleep in the middle of the office at 12 pm, is not a solution. I can do that during the weekends, but it destroy my social life plus the day seems to be shorter. If I fall sleep 12pm, lets say a Saturday ,I can sleep for another 4 hours, so it will be 4 hours during the night and then 4 hours of sleep during the day, that is basically insomnia. I know that there are even worst types of insomnia where you can not even sleep for days, but, I simple suggest to this suffers to try Klonopin or Xanax.

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