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Klonopin and insomnia, my story

Klonopin and insomnia, my story

My experience on dealing with insomnia, all the treatments that I tried, from Valerina root, passing thought melatonin to Klonopin. My journal to helps others on the same boat.

Anxiety is affecting my quality of life and Xanax is not the solution. Any tip or advice please ?

Xanax was the medicine prescribed by my doctor, I started my speech about my general anxiety and before I ended it, he was ready to give me the alprazolam.

I really do not understand why some people want to be a doctor if they do not help their patient, I know that there are many people that will love to simple go to the pharmacy and buy Xanax or do it online. But for me that was not the solution, I am not the kinda guy who take a pill to fill their things.

May because I am not considering this as a real disease, cause is actually not, but you must think that this will bring possible problems with you blood pleasure, increasing it, also your heart can beat a lot faster.

I think that there is something simple wrong with my body, like in front of a simple daily stress my body over react to it, so it gave me this annoying anxiety that made it so hard to simple live.

The second thing that I noted, since I am suffering from this a lot of stress time that decay into anxiety and, what I think a couple of panic attack, was problems to sleep.

First it started by a general problem to fall into sleep, but Xanax fixed that. Then, the problem was to staying asleep. Of course Xanax was available to fix it, but I need to increase my dosage and take a full Xanax 2mg bars, that is simple not good cause next day I feel with the kind of zombie feeling, you know, like your brain is working in slow motion, without being available for a clear thinking and just with a feel to go to bed and stay there all the day.

You must not be so sure about what the doctor prescribed it to you, if you do not feel comfortable with him, simple go to another one, you will find the right solution for you.

If you go to google, yahoo or even bing, you can get ton of information too, just be sure you are looking for real good sites, like the mayo clinic for example. There are a lot of snake oil sellers and alternative natural treatments that are just there to rip you off.

Also, if you want to buy Xanax online, better think it twice, must not be the best thing to do nowadays. You will never know if what are you getting it is real think or not, beware of this. There are sites that do not even upload a photo of what there are actually sell it or they simple stole it from another site, you must think that there are just a few online pharmacies that are actually real and even have a real pharmacist with the need it information and formation to help you.

Now, if you want to follow me, simple add this blog to your favorites, I am posting every week about Xanax, anxiety insomnia, etc.

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